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EURO GLOBAL CONTEMPORARY STUDIES JOURNAL (EGCSJ), ISSN: 2184-9692 (Online) &  2184-9706 (Print), is a Central Europe origin European Integrated International journal for Contemporary issues studies. In the Contemporary world, it has been widely used in art, culture, and social sciences but not limited to these three areas. Particularly, these core areas are nowadays specially certifies and recognizes through Doctorate level in the major renowned Universities in Canada, Europe, USA and other parts of the horizon. Contemporary issues studies have broader scope for research activities. Contemporary Studies scholars learn to make sense of the modern world. They study the works of contemporary areas and are provided with a thorough understanding of contemporary issues and society.

In the view of promoting the acquisition of complex knowledge in contemporary societies. Hence, an interdisciplinary approach will be adopted, grounded on the contemporary history of European studies, Asian, African and Global studies, political sciences, artistic studies, communication sciences, educational sciences, and/or health sciences. Researchers will have increased skills in the conception, application, and evaluation of technological solutions that, according to the different areas of knowledge, enable the satisfaction of social needs.

Global creative, accurate, and Higher Academic researchers may submit their original research papers, scientific articles from the appended niches:

  • Contemporary issues in Business Research and Government.
  • Contemporary issues in Micro, Macroeconomic and Small Business.
  • Contemporary issues in Banking, Auditing, and Financial Reporting.
  • Contemporary issues in Entrepreneurship Research.
  • Contemporary issues in Hospitality and Tourism Management.
  • Contemporary issues in Strategic Management.
  • Contemporary issues in Education and Comparative Education.
  • Contemporary issues in Technology and Teacher Education.
  • Contemporary issues and Thought.
  • Contemporary issues in early childhood.
  • Contemporary issues in Marketing and Media.
  • Contemporary issues in Global Crime, Security, Law and Justice.
  • Contemporary issues in Social work or Sociological.
  • Contemporary issues in Communication, Science and Disorders.
  • Contemporary issues in Global Economic System.
  • Contemporary issues in world health, human rights, and environmental.
  • Contemporary issues in Plant Ecology.
  • Contemporary issues study of Islam, Islamic (Study of Religion).
  • Contemporary issues in Language and Literature.
  • Contemporary issues in History, Culture & Modernity (Cultural & Social History).
  • Contemporary issues research in other fields and niches are also welcome.

The contemporary period is marked by continuous transformation, with new challenges but also new possibilities for change emerging constantly. Contemporary Studies Research (CSR) engages with the unique and innovative ideas, thinkers, and movements that have contributed to new understandings of the world, community, self, and others.

More consciously, more than in any other stage of human history, the difficulties and the potential of the present day’s conjuncture make the Social Sciences and its modern technology outcome useful. According to this approach, the research on Contemporary Studies purposes the deepening of the scientific and varied technologic research on contemporary societies of the 20th and 21st centuries. The development of research and intervention strategies of interdisciplinary nature in a comparative bases is then considered relevant.

On the other hand, today’s world is diverse and complex and our assumptions about it are constantly challenged. How far is our globe diverse from all that has come before? How do biology and culture heritage shape what it means to be human? What is the real progress? What does it meaning to live with the memory of the Holocaust? You will research or examine these or on your niches and other issues through Contemporary Studies.

EGCSJ is a contemporary research space where scholars critically engage with key theories and issue areas in the social sciences, humanities or differently in an interdisciplinary perspective. EGCSJ invites original research contributions on topical themes (including, but not restricted to, development, globalization, culture, tourism, international relations, political economy, regional integration, refugees and migration, and history) and/or area studies (e.g., Europe, Africa, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific, South Asia, Belt Road Countries, China, the US, and Latin America). EGCSJ mainly welcomes methodological, theoretical, conceptual, or empirical papers.

The wide scope of the EGCS Journal allows for an extensive variety of topics and opinions. It looks forward to your innovational and scientific contribution.

EGCSJ highly encourages graduate, postgraduate students, MPhil, Doctorate Scholars, independent researchers, former or current, to submit scientific articles, essays, and book reviews in the fields of social sciences, arts, humanities, and science & technologies.

The journal aims to publish six issues or editions in a year (EGCSJ is a bi-monthly journal), but for the peer-review process, it welcomes papers in every month regularly, depending on the number of good-quality submissions it accepts manuscripts and serves for publication in both modes such as online and print version.


Book Reviews:

The EURO GLOBAL CONTEMPORARY STUDIES JOURNAL (EGCSJ) will also publish book reviews on academic books & non-academic, new arrival books across academic and novel fields and sub- fields from the international renowned and new authors.

Guidelines for Book Reviews

During the start of each review the following information should be given:

  • Book Title, Author and Editor Name, Publisher Name, Year of Publication and Date, ISBN: 000-0-00-000000-0, Number of Pages, Price in USD/Euros etc.

The EGCSJ seeks reviews that assess a book’s strengths (positive sides), weaknesses (negative sides) and potentialities for the readers. In summary, book reviews should be considered the following issues:

  • The intended audience for the book and who would find it useful
  • The main ideas and major objectives of the book
  • The soundness of methods of the book and information sources used
  • The context for the book – review research or policy, political controversy, etc.
  • Constructive comments about the strength and weaknesses of the book are highly encouraged to be included in the review
  • Books Cover Page, Authors Photo, Publisher’s Email Address etc.

The Book Review Editors fully reserves the right to edit for content and length for publication in the journal.

Book reviews for the EURO GLOBAL CONTEMPORARY STUDIES JOURNAL (EGCSJ) should be double spaced, using a standard sized font Times New Roman or Cambria. Please use minimal style formatting in your MS. Word document. Reviews length of a single book should be between 700 – 1000 words.


Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation Publication:

If you have master’s thesis or Ph.D / Doctoral Dissertation and would like to publish it in online journal then EGCSJ.COM European International Journal is a super choice because EGCSJ holds global reputation and open access of visibility  in the fields of creative work arena.  Author(s) are requested to write ” Thesis/Dissertation” word in their E-Mail Subject during their Thesis/Dissertation paper submission to E-Mail: editor.egcsj@gmail.com .





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